Wife Freaks Out On Husband Because He Splurged On Kanye West Sneakers

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One disgruntled wife takes to Reddit after learning just how much her husband spent on four pairs of sneakers

Reddit, by its very nature, is home to some of the most specific—and sometimes strange—enclaves of the Internet. For example: r/offmychest, where people come to vent issues they’re having at home, work, or really anywhere in their lives. Sometimes the stories can be touching, sometime they can be sad, but in the case of one woman’s tale about learning her husband spent their mortgage money (a not-so-little $25,000) on ten pairs of sneakers, well, it’s kind of funny—even if we totally get why she’d be mad. Which pairs exactly, you ask? Well, what else but some highly-coveted Yeezys! (And since you’re wondering, no, we don’t know which colorway.)