The Shocking Reason Why Siblings Squabble Over Inheritance And How To Prevent It

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Hurley’s organization hosts family summits for their clients to develop a family legacy plan. Be sure to include projected heirs and critical relationships in the process. This will create engagement and buy-in for heirs who may otherwise argue over parents’ intentions.

Of course you can always get rid of everything so there is nothing to fight about. Christopher Gerhart, LLC suggests writing into your will that all your assets be auctioned off upon the death of both parents. Then all proceeds are distributed equally among the children. If particular items are important to an individual, they can purchase them at the sale.

Finally, if all else fails you can proceed like the ancient Scandinavians. When one of their kings died, all of his treasures were placed on a barge and set on fire. If his sons or daughters wanted their own treasures, they had to go a-viking to get their own.