Indian Immigrant Family Buy Their First Mansion

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‘What can I do to have this house?’

Patel and her husband soon started studying at the Université de Saint-Boniface, learning English and working as health care aides.

“In my country I was a nurse, and when I was coming here my vision was that I was going to go to school to be a nurse,” she said. “But this is not possible because my English is not better.”

The family began putting aside a small amount of money each month to save up for a home with more space for their family.

But Patel worried they would never be able to buy their own home after she fell ill in January. “I was sick in the hospital and I was not able to work. I was thinking, ‘What am I going to do now?'”

In March, their pastor told them about a new housing development in the east end of the city and recommended that the family look at one of the houses for sale.

When they visited the home where they are now living, Patel said she knew they would find a way to buy it.

“What can I do to have this house?” she said she asked the realtor. “Keep for me this house.”