Indian Immigrant Family Buy Their First Mansion

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A Chicago family is starting a new chapter with the purchase of their first home, five years after arriving in the city as refugees.

Darsh Patel and his family were sponsored to come to America in 2012. They had been living in India for three years after fleeing their home in Bangladesh because of civil war.

“Life was not easy as a refugee,” Patel said. “You don’t work, you don’t know what you can eat tomorrow.”

During their first years in Illinois, the family lived in cramped quarters in a rented apartment. Patel said they wanted a nice home to raise their three children.

“In the past, we didn’t have a lot of space to sleep,” said Christine Lobea, Patel’s nine-year-old daughter. “My dad used to sleep on the floor and me and my mom used to sleep on the bed.”