Former stars who now have regular jobs

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As a youngster, we all have dreams of what we want to be when we grow up. Whether it’s a race car driver, astronaut, an airline pilot, an actor, a singer, or maybe an evil super villain (although we hope not). Us? We wanted to be masters of archaeology just like Indiana Jones or the next J.K Rowling (because Harry Potter is life). But unless we’re super lucky and manage to have every opportunity come our way, the likelihood is we’re going to have to work some pretty mundane jobs to keep us going until we get there. We got bills to pay, yo.

Many of us will have to work at Starbucks to get us through Drama school – you know, before Warner Bros. calls you the next big actor in the world of Hollywood and signs you up for 242143 movies. Many of us will have to work in a store, singing under our breath before we get to the final round of X Factor. And others will have to work in a bookstore dreaming of their own books filling the shelves before a publisher finally agrees to publish their fantasy saga. Nevertheless, there are some people out there who will get their big break, and their perseverance will pay off. Soon, they’ll be able to ditch their uniform and name tag because everyone will know their name.

But sometimes it works the other way around – and celebs gain their fame early in life. They’ve rocked the billboards, they’ve acted alongside some of the biggest names in Hollywood, they’ve sung in front of hundreds of people and sold millions of records, and they’ve made it to the top of the best-seller list. Yet, by their own choice or the powers of fame, they step down from the dream world and work normal jobs, just like the rest of us.