Couple wed in MCDONALD’S two years after their first date at the fast food restaurant

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They officially tied the knot at Hatfield Registry Office on Saturday, before hot-footing it to McDonald’s, where even their wedding cake was iced with burgers and chips.

Joseph, who is studying horticulture at college, added: ‘When Louise told me what she wanted to do, I just let her get on with it.

‘People just turned up, ordered, and got their food. At least they were eating exactly what they fancied.

‘Everyone likes a McDonald’s so we weren’t making them eat stuffy wedding food. It’s probably one of the most delicious foods you’ll find.’

Each time they eat at the fast food restaurant, both Louise and Joseph chomp down on a Big Mac meal – with Louise piling on extra sauce and pickles – and their wedding breakfast was no different.